1st Birthday!

December 3, 2010 - One Response

Blaise is a big boy now!  Our little man turned one on Nov. 26, 2010 (the day after Thanksgiving)!

Blaise's First Birthday Cake

He not only loved opening presents but diving into his first cake, a Goofy cake at that (thanks to Gammy!).  He has grown tremendously over the first year, and he is very very close to walking!  He is the best!

Our Little Man!

September 8, 2010 - One Response

Our “little” man has come a  long way… he is growing so fast!!!  Blaise is now crawling, babbling, and making us laugh!  He is just like his dad, in that he is consistently on the move and very inquisitive…but he loves his mommy 🙂

We have TEETH!!

April 11, 2010 - Leave a Response

Blaise, at only 4 months, has two teeth!! He can’t get his hands entirely in his mouth, but he his trying ;=) He’s still a very happy baby… despite sore gums. Hooray!!

1st Day at Day Care

March 23, 2010 - One Response

At the beginning of March, Stacey had to go through the hardest heart-felt moment of her life.  Her 3 months as a stay-at-home mom passed by so quickly, leaving her to tears when she had to part with her precious Blaise for a few hours at day care!  Mommy's Sad Face The first day was Stacey’s hardest hurdle. Each day, thereafter, became much more bearable as she realized that he was in good hands.  Ms. Ern is very experienced and took a quick affinity towards Blaise when they first met – I think this was because Blaise gave her one of his precious light-up-your-world smiles!

Blaise and Ms. Ern

Mom and dad are doing fine with this new day care routine, even though we miss our boy during the day tremendously.  Daddy has the morning routine of taking him to day care and mommy has the pick up duties.  We occasionally sneak out for lunch to pay him surprise visits… he lights up every time he sees us – this makes it all worth it!

A Goofy Story…

February 11, 2010 - One Response

We took our first vacation with our little man.  My parents booked a vacation spot in Kissimme, FL (Orange Lake Resorts) for a couple weeks in early Feb, of 2010 so our family could enjoy time together and enjoy the magical world of Disney.  One of my personal goals when visiting Disney was to meet Goofy, my favorite cartoon character.  I know Blaise is too young to have a favorite cartoon character, so we will assume like father, like son!  Since we just established that Blaise loves Goofy too 😉 we made it our mission to find and meet him!

Goofy and fam!

A Goofy picture!

On our first trip to Magic Kingdom, we walked into the park and one of the first characters we saw was Goofy and Donald Duck together! To put it in perspective, there are hundreds of Disney characters that are meeting and greeting folks from all around the world, but you never know when / where they will appear.  So we found it very lucky that we not only saw Goofy, but it was the first character we crossed paths with as well.  Needless to say, Stacey, Blaise and I all waited in line and took a “goofy” picture!

Blaise’s Domain

December 15, 2009 - Leave a Response

On July 9, 2009, Stacey and I had our monthly appointment with the doc.  This particular appointment was special because we could find out the sex of the baby, if we so desired.  As everybody knows, I really wanted to know but Stacey was content with just hearing the words “Healthy and Strong!”  When it came time to determine the sex, the doc took me outside in the hallway, pulled out a pen and notepad, and wrote “boy”!  He saw the glow in my eye and congratulated me!!!  After seeing that word, the first name that popped into my mind was “Blaise” – it was a name I always loved as a kid growing up.  blaisebonnell.comIts origins are Celtic/Irish meaning Firebrand!  Anyway, after we left the doctor’s office, the first thing I did was go buy his domain name: blaisebonnell.com, so the date this url was purchased was the date I found out it was a boy!  Oh, by the way, I could only keep this boy thing a secret for about two weeks, before I had to tell Stacey 🙂

I crown thee “Swaddle King”

December 15, 2009 - Leave a Response

Daddy has perfected the “swaddle”… the technique of wrapping an infant tightly thus they feel secure and warm. Mom tries, but Blaise usually breaks through her swaddles within minutes. Check out this picture… Blaise looks like a burrito 😉

The Perfect Swaddle

How well should you really clean a carpet??

December 8, 2009 - Leave a Response

I began the preparations for Blaise’s arrival in the sixth month of pregnancy. It could never be too early to schedule a wellness exam for our already healthy cats, arrange for professional carpet cleaners to detail the house, schedule time with the sheriff’s office to double check our car seats… I was ready/willing to do anything for our baby, some may say I was overly prepared. Perhaps that was my downfall!

I willingly spent a few hundred dollars to have a service come in and scour all of the carpets in our home. With 2 hairy, loving, indoor cats combined with our very active lifestyles… I needed to know that the area where our baby would be crawling was clean, scrubbed of all harmful materials.  I was pleased with the service, careful to maintain the cleanliness by instilling a “no-shoe” rule and bi-weekly vacumming.

Days after the cleaning, I drove the cats (remember, they are already healthy) to the vets’ office for their wellness exam(s). Booster shots, cleaned ears, and clipped nails seemed to satiate my need for preparedness… and I drove my kitties home… to my nice clean carpets. It was here that my beloved pet Simon proceeded to have a severe allergic reaction to the vets’ booster shots in every room, on every carpetted surface of my house from every orifice of his poor little body.

So much for my efforts to ensure a perfect home for baby. Don’t worry, the irony of the situation was not lost on me!

“First” Class Mail

December 8, 2009 - One Response

Blaise is growing and growing… and his parents are so proud of his “first” experiences!! The mailman brought Blaise’s “first” class mail… something we were so proud to see!! Our little man is on the grid 😉

On the way to the mailbox, daddy snapped this picture… Blaise’s first snowfall. Absolutely beautiful!!

A cat’s perspective to new baby

December 4, 2009 - One Response

“Dogs have masters, but cats have staff”

Our cats are completely baffled by Blaise’s arrival! Its funny, actually. They circle our feet repeatedly, rub against our legs, turn their heads and perk their ears as if to ask,  ‘who is this tiny intruder that has sent our delicately structured pecking order on its end?’ Both of the cats cry if we exit the room with the baby in our arms, they paw at the door of the closed nursery, they still try to claim their spots in our king size bed, acting rebuffed and disrupted when Blaise bothers their typically uneventful nights.

Neither of the cats have showed interest in the bassinet or crib (my biggest fear quelched). They are intrigued by his tiny toes peaking out from my arms during feedings. They investigate Blaise in the swing, sniff his head. They cock their ears when he whimpers, then scatter for higher ground when he wails ;-0

Bastian refuses to give up her place in our bed. She’s resigned to join the growing family, rather than be shirked to the foot, or worse, the floor!! Simon acts aloof… pretends he couldn’t be bothered. Problem is… he can’t hide his distraught demeanor when he wants nothing more than to be mommy’s center of attention once again. Sorry ole friend! I love you… but you are no longer “our baby” ;-}

I’m sure that Blaise will have loyal feline friends as he grows… or “frenemies” as he learns to crawl and chase and pull hair. Should be fun!!