Learning the true powers of *Sleep*

Like all new parents, we cannot get enough newborn snuggles or kisses, and find ourselves foregoing the swing or bassinet, preferring instead to feel sweet Blaise sawing logs on our chest. Blaise’s first day home was no different, as Daddy and son enjoyed an afternoon on the couch watching football.

The problem: this glorious marathon of sleep and bonding lasted for almost six hours! Neither of us realized this would translate to an evening of restless wakefulness and insistent feedings. Mom thinks upwards of seven awakenings in a short 9 hour period.

So… needless to say, we immediately sought how to rectify the sleeping issue. Our lactation consultant (a wonderful woman whom we refer to as “Boob” Donna 😉 had taught us that babies are more likely to sleep longer at night if they’ve been given the majority of their necessary caloric intake during the day. She encouraged waking Blaise every two to three hours for feeding, and taught us techniques for waking a contentedly sleeping baby. 

Results were immediate!! Our little turkey has been sleeping consistently between 11:30pm and 4am (sometimes even 5am! anything later and Mom will purposefully wake Blaise to eat). After this feeding, he’ll sleep again until about 8:30 or 9am.

Hallelujah!! I am amazed by this simple yet highly effective technique! Not only are mom & dad rested, but Blaise is happier, fuller, and more rested 😉 Thanks Boob Donna!

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