A Goofy Story…

We took our first vacation with our little man.  My parents booked a vacation spot in Kissimme, FL (Orange Lake Resorts) for a couple weeks in early Feb, of 2010 so our family could enjoy time together and enjoy the magical world of Disney.  One of my personal goals when visiting Disney was to meet Goofy, my favorite cartoon character.  I know Blaise is too young to have a favorite cartoon character, so we will assume like father, like son!  Since we just established that Blaise loves Goofy too 😉 we made it our mission to find and meet him!

Goofy and fam!

A Goofy picture!

On our first trip to Magic Kingdom, we walked into the park and one of the first characters we saw was Goofy and Donald Duck together! To put it in perspective, there are hundreds of Disney characters that are meeting and greeting folks from all around the world, but you never know when / where they will appear.  So we found it very lucky that we not only saw Goofy, but it was the first character we crossed paths with as well.  Needless to say, Stacey, Blaise and I all waited in line and took a “goofy” picture!

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  1. What a “Goofy” experience 😉 Blaise was obviously happy, and his daddy had a tough time containing his own excitement!! I love my boys 😉

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