1st Day at Day Care

At the beginning of March, Stacey had to go through the hardest heart-felt moment of her life.  Her 3 months as a stay-at-home mom passed by so quickly, leaving her to tears when she had to part with her precious Blaise for a few hours at day care!  Mommy's Sad Face The first day was Stacey’s hardest hurdle. Each day, thereafter, became much more bearable as she realized that he was in good hands.  Ms. Ern is very experienced and took a quick affinity towards Blaise when they first met – I think this was because Blaise gave her one of his precious light-up-your-world smiles!

Blaise and Ms. Ern

Mom and dad are doing fine with this new day care routine, even though we miss our boy during the day tremendously.  Daddy has the morning routine of taking him to day care and mommy has the pick up duties.  We occasionally sneak out for lunch to pay him surprise visits… he lights up every time he sees us – this makes it all worth it!

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  1. “Light up your world smiles” I LOVE IT!!

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