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Blaise’s Domain
December 15, 2009

On July 9, 2009, Stacey and I had our monthly appointment with the doc.  This particular appointment was special because we could find out the sex of the baby, if we so desired.  As everybody knows, I really wanted to know but Stacey was content with just hearing the words “Healthy and Strong!”  When it came time to determine the sex, the doc took me outside in the hallway, pulled out a pen and notepad, and wrote “boy”!  He saw the glow in my eye and congratulated me!!!  After seeing that word, the first name that popped into my mind was “Blaise” – it was a name I always loved as a kid growing up.  blaisebonnell.comIts origins are Celtic/Irish meaning Firebrand!  Anyway, after we left the doctor’s office, the first thing I did was go buy his domain name:, so the date this url was purchased was the date I found out it was a boy!  Oh, by the way, I could only keep this boy thing a secret for about two weeks, before I had to tell Stacey 🙂

How well should you really clean a carpet??
December 8, 2009

I began the preparations for Blaise’s arrival in the sixth month of pregnancy. It could never be too early to schedule a wellness exam for our already healthy cats, arrange for professional carpet cleaners to detail the house, schedule time with the sheriff’s office to double check our car seats… I was ready/willing to do anything for our baby, some may say I was overly prepared. Perhaps that was my downfall!

I willingly spent a few hundred dollars to have a service come in and scour all of the carpets in our home. With 2 hairy, loving, indoor cats combined with our very active lifestyles… I needed to know that the area where our baby would be crawling was clean, scrubbed of all harmful materials.  I was pleased with the service, careful to maintain the cleanliness by instilling a “no-shoe” rule and bi-weekly vacumming.

Days after the cleaning, I drove the cats (remember, they are already healthy) to the vets’ office for their wellness exam(s). Booster shots, cleaned ears, and clipped nails seemed to satiate my need for preparedness… and I drove my kitties home… to my nice clean carpets. It was here that my beloved pet Simon proceeded to have a severe allergic reaction to the vets’ booster shots in every room, on every carpetted surface of my house from every orifice of his poor little body.

So much for my efforts to ensure a perfect home for baby. Don’t worry, the irony of the situation was not lost on me!